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VAT Invoices

Updated: Jan 10

What is a valid VAT invoice or reciept? Don't get caught out with the wrong paperwork.

HMRC will only accept claims for input VAT when accompanied by a valid VAT invoice or reciept. So what does a valid VAT invoice or reciept look like and what does it have to include?

What ISN'T a valid VAT invoice?

Sorry - none of the following are acceptable for the reclaim of input VAT on your VAT return:

  • E-mail confirmations

  • Delivery notes

  • Order summary

  • Order confirmation

  • Pro-forma invoice

  • Statements

  • Contracts

  • Payment acknowledgement

So what do I need?

HMRC will allow simplified invoices for supplies of under £250 (including the VAT). Everything above needs a full VAT invoice. Here's what each should include:

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